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About me

Olga Walus - BA in Film (Cinematography), MA Directing 

As a DoP and photographer, I find my craft to be an exhilarating journey of endless inspiration. My passion lies in collaborating with amazing talents, weaving light and shadow to breathe life into compelling narratives.

With a knack for visual storytelling, I've had the privilege of working on diverse projects that have challenged and enriched my craft. My portfolio boasts collaborations with acclaimed actors such as James D'Arcy, known for his roles in "Oppenheimer" and "Iron Man," Mandip Gill "Doctor Who", Alexandria Riley, featured in "Baby Reindeer" and "Silo" or Casper Van Dien from a well-known classic "Starship Troopers". 

Completing my studies in the UK, far from home, not only taught me resilience but also opened doors to exciting opportunities from feature films to working with unique designer brands from all over the world, such as TRANHUNG or Boutique De Nana. 

instagram: olgawalusfilm

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