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Legal Case Study of Geldards

Geldards Law are one of the countries best law firms, so they were  looking for headshots to match.  First impressions count, and it's vital for firms expert staff members to build by showcasing their personalities.


 Cutting straight to the point, I love working with law firms to take great photos that showcase their staff’s personality in a way that actually builds trust and gets potential customers to call them up.


Now, imagine you’re a potential customer looking for legal services - perhaps going through a tough and confusing time. You’ve got loads of options online, and some good recommendations from word of mouth, and you’ve collated them side by side, just trying to pick the right firm. What’s gonna be the deal breaker?


Of course, the text about their qualifications, years of service, and things like that are super important. But how about building trust by actually seeing the person with a professional and personality-matching image? Does that matter to you when looking for dentists, doctors, surgeons, personal trainers, teachers, and other professionals? It’s nice to see faces and begin to build some kind of preemptive relationship before making a decision - and very easy to go elsewhere if this isn’t met. I could go on forever, but I’ve put together a case study of Geldards Law to show you the importance of this in action. 

headshots oplan.png

The Outcome

Geldards were very happy with the photographs, as were their solicitors. We ended up with a lot of photos which can be found on their website. Due to the success of the shoot, we are continuing to work with Geldards on more projects, taking photos across the UK, but mostly in Cardiff, Wales.

"Olga was referred to us by our regular corporate photographer and we have never looked back. Great to work with! So professional, patient and talented. She understood out brief and took charge of the shoot and people. We would highly recommend her for any corporate headshots and group PR photos"


                           - Michele Jellings, Marketing Executive of Geldards

Geldards Law were looking for new headshots to showcase specific lawyers for their specific web pages and group photos for the overall digital and web presence. Originally, the plan was to take more friendly and welcoming photographs. We discussed the brand’s personality, the perhaps of the photos, and the best locations and moods. After seeing some examples from their website I created a mood board that would match the overall look of the company.

On the day, everything went smoothly due to the preparation we did. With the help of my studio lighting, we created professionally-looking pictures. To make the process even easier I connected my camera to the laptop so everyone could see the pictures, as they were being taken. It allowed us to carry on with potential changes and choose best pictures on the  spot. 

A couple of days later, pictures were edited and ready to be handed over. 

Look how it transformed the homepage!

1 example.png
example 2.png
Untitled design (5).png

some examples of the team...

... and what you see when you click on one!

Untitled design (4).png

Does my law firm need headshots?

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A professional headshot can help create a positive first impression, which can be important in building trust with potential clients. For many people, legal matters can be overwhelming, stressful, and emotionally charged. In these situations, clients are more likely to choose a law firm that they can trust to guide them through the process with empathy and competence. 

Overall, building trust is a key component of any successful law firm's marketing and business development strategy. It's a way to establish a positive relationship with potential clients and earn their business over the long term.

Human beings are visual creatures, and research has shown that people are more likely to trust and remember information when it's presented alongside a relevant image. A headshot can help potential clients connect with legal professional on a more personal level, which can be an important factor in the decision to hire a lawyer.

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